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Made to Measure Wedding Dresses are Popular Nowadays


Grandgown are presenting designer made wedding dresses. These dresses are often made up of very fine fabric and available in a variety of classic fabric styles. The popularity of made to measure wedding dresses is increasing because of the fact that these dresses are accustomed from generic size to an individual measurement.  It is because of the fact that generic size that can be considered an average size is not according to the measurement of every one. Therefore, getting a well measured wedding dress is only part of the mystery of this great occasion. One cannot compromise the quality of the garment as well while outlaying their earnings on the selection of wedding dress. As the quality of fabric render an additional elegance factor to the well measured wedding dress.


made to measure

Made to measure wedding dresses are specifically designed for an individual that are according to one’s own fitting. The dress with proper fitting helps the bridal to be comfortable and relax at this special occasion of her life. She can feel more pleasure and confidence while wearing a dress of her measurement. The comfort and pleasure of a customer is the ultimate pleasure of the designer and the related staff who have been able to give you a product of your choice. Customer satisfaction would help you to gain more market share and to promote your product with value added services.  It may help to promote your product not only by word of mouth but also satisfaction and apparent comfort of bridal. This confidence and level of comfort is making made to measure wedding dresses popular among the young generation.


made to measure wedding dresses

This trend has decreased the problem of not finding a dress of one’s own fitting at this special occasion. In past it was a big issue for ladies of plus size that they had to compromise either on design or on the quality of dresses. Now this problem has been resolved by the virtue of made to measure dresses. As ladies of plus size, short height can easily enjoy the best design of best designer with the same comfort and pleasure as ladies of ideal height and weight. This special comfort could be seen as counter measure to the high prices of these dresses on priority basis. In fact cost can be compromised but the quality and good luck cannot be compromised by any of bride on this special occasion of her life.

Along with other factors, it is specially considered by most of the designer shops of made to measure wedding dresses to manage quality of services, cost and timing of their services. As the popularity of business lies in customer satisfaction and to satisfy the thing of beauty is much tougher. Therefore it needs special measures to design and measure the dress with height of care and concentration to avoid any sort of time elapse during the process of delivering wedding dresses that would further entice the brides to select specific designers for the quality selection of their wedding dresses with perfect measurement.

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GGC New website GrandGowns.com ( A Wedding Dress Company ) is LIVE Now


Dear GoodGoodsChina.com & GrandGowns.com Customers and Fans,
Since the company’s founding in 2010, GGC has been dedicated to the satisfaction and the joy of our customers. Our one and only goal is to offer the best dress at the best price to our customers all over the world.

With great pleasure we would like to announce a new version of GrandGowns.com– GGC team is going to launch both Goodgoodschina.com and Grandgowns.com at the same time. And we’ll be in a best-ever position to provide innovative design, unparalleled quality and superb service to our customers. So far, we have finished launching Goodgoodschina.com. As we are updating GrandGowns.com website now, so please direct all your inquiries to Goodgoodschina.com.
This revision will provide more opportunities for us to expand into new markets and bring us closer to the implementation of our plan of establishing physical presence at the locations near you. Such presence will enable our customers to try on the latest styles and receive professional services.
It is always our pleasure to serve you and see your smile. We are confident in the near future that both Goodgoodschina.com and GrandGowns.com will be the one-stop places for all your dressing needs.
Thank you. Much love to all of you!
GrandGowns.com & GoodGoodschina.com Team
June 16, 2012
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Article Credit : Sana Qardi

Nothing has crossed my mind so frequently in the last few days than the idea of having my own Boutique; a boutique for women’s wedding dresses. Nop, you’ve got me wrong, its not that I am a designer, neither it is that I have fashion taste buds in my brains. Then what is it that is driving me crazy to enter in an entirely different field from my own. Yes! I am one of those charmed by today’s Fashion Frenzy. However, this magical field has been able to drive my interest because of the profit that I see in this business of selling “highly expensive disposable” clothes. Nop, you’ve got me wrong again. Its not that I’m completely profit driven and literally zero at designing, I have done my homework. My increasing interest in this business has led me carry out my own research that I am more than happy to discuss with you, so that if not I, one of my readers might be able to open up their own fashion outlets or design their own wedding dresses.


See, the designing today is very simple you just need to know the correct mix of elements.  But the elements to be used for clothes are different if you’re designing a Bridal dress than the ones to be used for the wedding guests. These also depend on the type of event you are designing for. For instance, a typical Mayun dress is a yellow kurti and pajama which you cannot wear in an event like Valima or Rukhsati.

Now that you have learn to keep the difference, its time you start buying magazines and watching TV shows like “Bridal Couture Week” covering latest bridal and other wedding dresses. Always remember that these magazines and shows can give you ideas but these are not to be copied as it is since there are factors such as lighting, photography/ cinematography and others that can change the appearance of the dresses as they look to you. The core ideas that you can get from these are the color combinations and the types of dresses that are in.

After you have decided on to the elements above, the third step is the market survey. Ever heard of the words “Window Shopping”? A market survey is exactly the same. This will let you know the type of embroidery and fabric you should go for. It also tells you if other materials such as tussels, beads, laces and bunches are trendy and can be useful. There are a wide range of materials made of threads, mirrors, plastic, etc available in the market these days and by using these materials you can develop unique designs that can look inspiring at the same time. Your visit to the market will further give you an idea of the prices at which dresses are being sold based on their fabric and designing.

The fourth step is the search of two affordable and reliable tailors, a tailor who can stitch and a tailor who can do the embroidery. Affordable I said because expensive rates charged by tailors can hurt you especially when you have more than just a few dresses to be made, and by reliable I meant “you don’t want to lose your customers” or “you don’t want anything to go wrong on your special day”. But keep it in mind that if you have a good number of dresses, you should hire more than just two tailors to make sure all your dresses are ready in time and without any error that can cost you money and tears.

So what’s next! Now that I have shared my trade secrets, start looking around for customers. Yes friends! to know and design what is wearable at a wedding party is not that difficult and by the way do we all not go to wedding parties ourselves. However, you must remember that the job looks appealing but it is at the same time tiring and needs loads of patience. Good Luck!

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GrandGowns Wedding dresses announces winner for its mother’s day contest


So here is most awaited Mother’s Day Contest Winners
The Question asked by G&G was
” Why your mum is BEST”

Mother's Day Winner List

List of winner for the Question (why your mum is BEST)

GrandGowns are announcing 11 Winners
One will get gorgeous dress from our website and rest will get accessories gift.
Results are being announced to best of our knowledge, So no complaint please 🙂

So Congrats all winners ,
You have 48 hours to send your your details at mentioned email

Love Mum ♥
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