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Wedding Tale (A Girl Dream)


A perfect fairy tale wedding is a dream of every girl!

Flowers, Cake and a fabulously dressed bride makes wedding an exceptional experience. Wedding is a dream come true for bride and her bridegroom. Relatives and friends are always excited to attend wedding of their loved ones. Every family member looks flushed because of never ending arrangements. If you come across a home with flowers, bouquets, gowns going for alterations, children running after cookies, women putting on  make-up, men hurrying to fetch things from the market, just be sure that you have landed safely on a wedding home!
Bride and her family sta

Just Married

Start of NEW LIFE

rt home decoration many days before the wedding.  Mothers emphasize on the elegance and neatness of every displayed item and fathers try to give every happiness to their daughters, while remaining in their budgets. Home Decoration is the most discussed topic at every dinner. Old things are replaced by new and fashionable items. Carpenter is called to fix all doors and knobs. New carpets and curtains are bought to boost up the festivity! Homer decorations keep on going till the actual day arrives.
Brides remain busy in selecting their wedding gown, petticoats, tiaras & headpieces,  gloves, veils, shoes, jewelry sets, watches, lingerie,  dress covers and of course bridesmaid! Selection of wedding dresses depends on the season. Winter fashion offers warmth whereas summer fashion gives a sense of coolness and fun. Wedding gown is selected with great care, keeping in mind price and unique styles available in the market. Brides normally try thousands of dresses before finally fitting in their Cinderella gown. Their skin glows with happiness on wearing their wedding gown for the first time. Gloves and tiaras need to be matched with the intricate patterns on the wedding gowns. Shoes must be matched with the clutch and diamond watch should be bought to make everything look elegant and classy.

Shopping is a tiresome job especially when it needs to be done on a short time notice. Thanks to internet that it has made our life easy! Now a bride can comfortably sit in her room and can get every desired style of her wedding gown at a blink of an eye. Website like  GrandGowns gives you access to the world of fashionable wedding apparels and special occasion dresses. We give you an insight of winter and summer fashions to make your choice easy. Every dress is displayed with its price so that you can make an affordable choice. G&G offer you uncountable wedding apparels but to make your browsing more meaningful  also provide you with a “Narrow my choice” tab to help you in selecting your desired gown in a short time period. G&G are aware of the fact that our customers belong to various countries across the globe, so  offer you o prices in various currencies to give you a hassle free browsing.
Once in a while, right in the middle of an ordinary life, love gives us a fairy tale. Marriage is the beginning of a happy ending and we are here to give you a perfect fairy tale wedding because we care about you!

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