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Wedding party dress at grandgowns.com


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Eveing Dresses at GrandGowns


Chiffon/Elastic Silk-like Beading/Draped Zipper A-line Natural Sleeveless Satin V-neck Ankle-length Evening Dress
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GGC New website GrandGowns.com ( A Wedding Dress Company ) is LIVE Now


Dear GoodGoodsChina.com & GrandGowns.com Customers and Fans,
Since the company’s founding in 2010, GGC has been dedicated to the satisfaction and the joy of our customers. Our one and only goal is to offer the best dress at the best price to our customers all over the world.

With great pleasure we would like to announce a new version of GrandGowns.com– GGC team is going to launch both Goodgoodschina.com and Grandgowns.com at the same time. And we’ll be in a best-ever position to provide innovative design, unparalleled quality and superb service to our customers. So far, we have finished launching Goodgoodschina.com. As we are updating GrandGowns.com website now, so please direct all your inquiries to Goodgoodschina.com.
This revision will provide more opportunities for us to expand into new markets and bring us closer to the implementation of our plan of establishing physical presence at the locations near you. Such presence will enable our customers to try on the latest styles and receive professional services.
It is always our pleasure to serve you and see your smile. We are confident in the near future that both Goodgoodschina.com and GrandGowns.com will be the one-stop places for all your dressing needs.
Thank you. Much love to all of you!
GrandGowns.com & GoodGoodschina.com Team
June 16, 2012
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What a Bride Wants ?


Article by Mehreen Alvi :

Welcome and congratulations, for you have just found your fairy God mother. Now close your eyes and visualize what you wish to look like and voila! There you go. Yes, it is as simple as ABC when you get everything that you need at one place that too at an unbeatable price.  Doesn’t matter which occasion it is- there is something for everyone, for every day and for your special day. It’s our responsibility to make you stand out from the crowd.

The Leading online wedding apparel and dresses store under brand G&G

These gems have life in them:  their colors speak, say what words fail of.  (George Eliot). Your jewelry speaks volumes about your personality. Some pieces bestow you with that divine elegance and grace while others might highlight the playful mischievous part of you.  The perfect piece becomes a part of your aura and attracts attention towards you, not itself.  We have choicest articles & widest variety to satisfy craving of even the greediest jewelry collectors.

You would agree that we all have certain celebrities as our fashion icons. We get smitten away by their chic fashion sense as they manage to look effortlessly stylish even when out doing groceries and while at red carpet- simply magical. So we also drive inspiration from these classy ladies and make you feel like the show stopper at your special day.  Whether you want to bring out your playful side with mini Evening dresses or want to look like the epitome of elegance with floor length sweeping gowns, you don’t need to look any further. When you shine like a sun others are bound to become sunflowers!

Now for all you brides to be out there, Grand Gowns is definitely your one stop destination for everything that you need for that one day in your life. Women are very particular about their trousseau, and are rightly so- the cut, color and fabric everything should flatter the body type. Similarly, accessories are just as important because even the most delicious food is incomplete without garnishing. And how can we ignore the importance of pretty shoes when all the girls have wanted to be Cinderella at some point of their lives? Get The look- you dream of it, G&G makes it happen.

As they say Dress that Impress

Place your trust in us, G&G won’t disappoint you and you would end up exclaiming- it was worth it!

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