Its something about me


My overwhelming emotions and my sweetest dreams of life.. My past, present and future lies beneath my smile.. I am tired but I can’t rest, I am sleepy but I can’t sleep.. I am happier than millions out there but I still find something missing inside me.. I go where the wind takes me, I stop where I should stop to feel.. I Carry my fears, I carry my dreams, I carry everything on my wings with me.. I have loved, I have lost, I have kept loving so far.. I believe in miracles and I will play my part …


I can weep myself to sleep and I can console myself to breathe, I m not a weakling anyway, I can fight for myself everyday.. I m not a picture of perfection or miracles I know, But I will bear everything that will cross my roads .. I am moving on my pace while balancing the cruel facts, It occurred to me recently that I cannot fight that one impact. I will linger for a while in the loneliness of times, I will make my way out in the calmness of the skies. Even if it takes forever to be where I want to be, I will take my chances and wait patiently …


By Anousha Irfan 🙂


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